Friday, April 17, 2009

April needs a blog!

Hi friends. Let me start with an apology for my wholly rotten mood in the month of March. YOW-ZA! Was I crabby or what? I appreciate the opportunity rant and carry on like I did.

So, April needs a blog, yes? Let's see, about what should I write? I tried this exercise with my students last year and it was pretty cool. Let's see how you like it? In the headlines of my life here's what is new:

"Blatant Disregard for Travel Warnings and Recession: Couple Scheduled to Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary in Mexico"

"New Niece Born, Family Totals Tip Scales at 14 Nieces and Nephews"

"Baby Boom! Little Girls Popping Up and Out of Friends Near and Far"

"Planned Trip to Montana for Education, Relaxation, and Time with a Dear Friend"

"Partner Assigned to Steady Job, Bored but Thankful"

"Burning the Candle At Both Ends: A Woman's Guide to Working Three Part-Time Jobs" (with advertising sponsored by Subaru)

"Reclaiming the Middle Ground: An Exercise in Reestablishing Habits of Wellness"

"Hope On the Horizon, New Professional Continues to Weasel Her Way into a Job at Alma Matter"

"Snore, Scribble, Score! Couple Attends Home-Buying Class to Prepare for the Purchase of Their First Home"

"Case-Studies Come to Life: Real-Life Scenarios Challenge New Professional's Skills"

"High-Strung People Have Babies All the Time: An Exploration into How One Woman Needs More than to Simply Relax" this will follow up story of "Who-whos, Va-j-j's, and Nether-Regions, Oh My! One Woman's Journey Though Fertility Testing"

Yep, I'd say that pretty much sums it up for now. Here's to hoping you are well and reading this from a warm and sunny place.

Happy Reading!