Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grammar Rant

"I" verses "me"...How to choose?
When listing yourself with someone else, take out the other person's name to see which one fits the sentence.
For example: "Ernie and I danced with the pigeons yesterday" works as "I danced with the pigeons yesterday" but doesn't work as "me danced with the pigeons yesterday".

However, it is not always correct to replace "me" with "I".
For example: A caption under a photograph that reads "Bert and I, waiting for the train" doesn't work when it is "I, waiting for the train" but does when it's "Me, waiting for the train" (note the important use of comma after the noun).

Make sense? Good. Now do it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I received this email from a dear friend of my mine a few days ago:

"Whereas this is the Year of Awesome
Whereas you and I are not so much church-going folk
And But Also
Whereas you and I were raised in super-churchyness. . .

What do you think is a really healthy-in-balance-with-your-center thing you will do for Lent this year?

This could be so awesome.
Something wonderful.
Something so lovely. . ."

And, naturally, her call to action got me thinking.
Pre-year-of-awesome, Lent = deprivation, guilt, "should", general woe.
Naturally, I became so overwhelmed with these blergy feelings that I gave up Lent (and well, let's be honest, religion) all together for the last few years.
But, in the YOA, I don't suppose it has to be that way at all, does it?

I did some very academic (read, not very academic at all) research on the internet and decided that this year for Lent I will spend the 40 days that lead to Easter (for all of you "heathen" readers who don't know what Lent is, that was your clue) finding ways to integrate the 3 central virtues of the Hindi tradition into my daily life by practicing Compassion, Self Control, and Charity.

I know it seems like a tall task but I think I'm up to it and what's more, I'm invigorated by it. Surely, this process will bring me more in touch with my humanity and I'm pretty sure that's the whole point. Isn't it?!

Ideally, I'm going to keep track of the journey: Perhaps on this blog, or in my YOA journal. Regardless, I'll be sure to report my experience back to my faithful reader(s).

In the mean time, I challenge you: think of ways you can make your life's journey (be it religious or not) over the next 40 days more intentional.

"What ever you can do or dream you can BEGIN IT. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!" -Goethe

Happy Reading.