Thursday, October 2, 2008

An out pouring of affection

Once I graduated from my undergraduate institution and began working in the "real world" I quickly learned that in order to celebrate my birthday in style I needed to take the day from work and make the day my own. I learned this the hard way after one year when I had what can safely be called the one worst birthday ever (complete with horrific patients at the clinic, lost dinner reservations, and lots of tears). So, I did. I managed to finagle my birthday as a vacation day for several years and in the years that I could not, I postponed celebration until the weekend so as to not get my hopes up. All was well with birthday celebration "grown up style".

This year was tricky, however. What to do to have the day feel special when most of my time is spent in what looks and feels like a days off. Oddly, I went to work and it was a great change from the norm. It was fun to be surrounded by students, colleagues, and friends. It was excellent to have something to do and ways to feel important and needed. It was awesome to received the flower delivery from my partner at the office where others could see and acknowledge the sweet- and thoughtful-ness.

It was a great birthday. I felt loved, cherished, celebrated, remembered, and appreciated. To all
(Adam, Mom and Dad, Teed and her crew, Kevin and the Yakima 5, Nicole, Jim, Jessie, Joanna, Joie, Kate, Tonya, Julie, LeeAnn, Alyson, Dante, Jen and Brian, The Boones, Mom and Dad "2", Vonnie, Lisa and the OSA gang, and Betsy) who made my day yesterday so wonderful - a heartfelt thanks!

The day was fabulous - I slept in, chatted with my mom, met Joanna for coffee and pedicures, did some work - and got my flowers :), had lunch with Vonnie, did some more work, met with Jessie, drove to Portland, had dinner at "The Melting Pot" with the partner, and came home to open my presents! (For all who wanted a report on the restaurant: it was good but sort of a racket (very much like Beni Hana, delicious but certainly "a place to celebrate" in a generic sort of way). We were moved because our burner wasn't working properly - which wasn't anything horrible, but made for an even longer night. I'd recommend going for no other reason than to say you went. However, if you are a "product oriented person" (e.g., likes the end and not the build up) than it is probably not the place for you - as you wait quite some time through each course and have to cook your own meat at the table (for those of us with a fear of salmonella poisoning this means that each time a shrimp is placed in the pot we check our watch and then continue checking it until our necessary 1 1/2 minutes are up). If I go again I'd probably just get the cheese and chocolate fondue and skip the "entree" all together (while the meat was good, it was totally unnecessary with all the other food).

No pearls of wisdom now that I'm 28 other than the realization that I don't have to take a vacation day to celebrate my birthday if I just look up long enough to realize that I am surrounded by wonderful people who truly care for me. I'm ready for what the year has in store and hopeful that I can continue to thrive in this world as the most genuine version of who I am.

Happy Thursday - be sure to tune into the Veep debates at 6pm (PST)! I'm hoping for a belated gift of Palin getting pulverized on national TV! :)



Princess Jessie Pants said...

Yay! So glad your special day was good. Interesting about the Melting Pot - I guess we won't rush right out & go...good to know!

What did Adam get you?

Phoenix said...


In addition to dinner and the flowers he sent to work, he got me the Oregon Pinot Noir glasses, a bottle of Pinot Noir glasses, and a new fancy wine opener. All things I've wanted for some time now.

I'm spoiled. He's great.

Did the clothes fit?

Erin said...

Hey you, just discovered your'd think I would have paid attention sooner on the blogs of the other, happy belated birthday! Hope all is well!