Friday, January 2, 2009

Ready or Not - here I come!

To start off 2009 right I...

stayed home, even though we had many offers to join in celebrations this year we just really felt like being hermits, it was fun

kissed my onetruelove and danced with him in our living room

sipped on cheap-bought-at-the-last-minute-but-does-the-job champagne

nursed my chest cold, hacking and wheezing through the day

caught up on Hero's

stayed in my PJ's until 4pm and promptly returned to them at 8pm


created a budget for 2009

contemplated resolutions such as: living in the moment, choosing wellness, and giving up control

In 2009 I'm ready: for the weather to improve, for my illness to go away, to return to healthier eating, to start running and cross training again, to buy a house, to stop waiting for my life to give me structure but rather give structure to my life. :)

1 comment:

Princess Jessie Pants said...

I like how you brought in the new year. We too were very low-key. And I highly endorse PJ's for the day. Sadly, mine only lasted until 1:00 yesterday. :)

Hope you feel much better soon!!! Loves!