Thursday, March 12, 2009


Before I get started with today's post (a list of things that irritate me) I wanted to take this moment to thank my readers for allowing me this space to vent and rant like a raving loon. I find that having a place like this where I can express myself and my occasional (alright, frequent) peevs makes me a much more pleasant person in the rest of life. So, thanks. Thank you for reading and allowing me a safe space to carry on, and on, and on.

With that is today's list of things that piss me off(CAUTION! MANY exclamation points ahead).

1) The coworker who responds to my report of having been sick with a guarded, self-centered, and wholly unfriendly response of "Well don't give it to me, I've got too much to do to get sick!" Let's make it clear that I DID stay home on the day I felt the worst and was likely the most contagious. Let's also make it clear that SHE asked ME how I was doing! NOTE TO YOURSELVES PEOPLE: If you give a rats ass about how someone else is doing, your response to their situation should never be how YOU feel!!!

2) The same coworker who likes to wield power a bit too much and likes having things to piss and moan about even more. For those of you reading this who have an office with actual WALLS (and I mean the kind of walls that go all the way to the ceiling) be thankful! Did I mention that her back hurts, and she has a headache, and that she's tired, and that the smell of my lunch is making her hungry? Aren't you glad she works in the educational system?

3) People (and by people I mean society) who assume that once one makes a certain amount of money that one is financially "fine" or "set". By "fine" and "set" I mean debt free and totally without financial cares. LETS KEEP IN MIND - in order to get ourselves to this place where we make ANY money (and of course, you know I am talking about my partner here, and not me...keep in mind that I went to graduate school and promptly entered the WORST job market since 1942) we had to take out loans (enough loans, I might add, that we pay the amount of a healthy mortgage payment every month ONLY to cover our debts).

4) The fact that being smart and savvy is, based on my experience, apparently a bad thing. No one told me that meek and soft-spoken were mod! I CAN NOT, nay, WILL NOT act like a shell of myself for the sake of others' egos. People (and by people I mean anyone who has LET (yes, I said let, it IS a choice) themselves be overwhelmed, intimidated, or threatened by smart or outspoken people) need grow a pair (or borrow mine) and get the hell over themselves! Someone who is smarter or sharper than you should challenge you to be a better person or at the VERY least challenge you to grow a bit by learning how to interact with some one different than yourself!

5) Vaginal bleeding. That's right. Vaginal bleeding. The seemingly never-ending, constant, gross, must-be-an-indication-that-something-is-wrong-but-no-one-can-find-anything-wrong, vaginal bleeding. My simple rant with this is this: WTF?

And that's my list. I feel much better. Thanks.


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