Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The road to hell - not just for good intentions!

So much for my resolution to make a daily post to my blog! I wish I had some sort of excuse, like being busy at work, around the house, or with something else important. Alas, I have not. Just case of blog-astination, I suppose.

In an effort to make up for lost time, here's the "Top 10 Updates On Me":

1) Had a 2nd interview for a job in Portland yesterday and it went well. My former cohort mate readers will appreciate this aspect of the interview: they asked me about my theoretical orientation for student development! I could have talked for HOURS! :)

2) My partner has been working like a fiend. Long days and almost all weekend. The billable year ends October 31 - we think we can, we think we can....

3) I'm considering turning completely to alternative medicine as I think it might be the only way to get what I need. I refuse to believe that medication and surgery are the only options we have for treatment. I DEMAND a third option. Fair warning: I'm about to jump on the "ultra-woo-woo-hippie-wagon" for my health and you can expect herbal supplements and scary green detoxifying drinks a plenty!

(Putting away soap box....oh wait, just kidding....)

4) I'm in such support of Obama that it actually hurts a little. I'm disgusted with McCain/Palin and I REALLY hope the debate happens on Friday. Have you registered to vote? Have you made sure that your loved ones (hell, everybody you know) are?

(Okay, now putting away soap box)

5) I have super-fun-super-cute new shoes that I bought in a fit of retail therapy this weekend (did I mention that my partner worked all weekend...I needed SOMETHING to do!) they are ballet flats-meet wedges-crossed with a Mary Jane, all in "Plum" (a.k.a. "my color") FAB, even though they are giving me blisters.

6) I've decided to train for the Eugene Marathon in May - May 3, 2009 to be exact. Anyone who wants to journey to Track Town USA to support me is welcome. More news on this soon.

7) I turn 28 one week from today. I LOVE birthdays and am looking forward to this one, the even years have treated me well --graduation from HS, WU, and the wedding. Plans to celebrate include a trip to the coast next weekend with the partner and some dear friends (one of whom is also an October 1 kid!).

8) I really want to join a choir but feel compelled to give my life a chance to balance out before I commit to weekly rehearsals and concert weekends. Blerg. For now, I think about how fun it would be an torment Choirpres with the idea of tagging along at one of her many choir commitments.

(Returning to soap box...)

9) I'm continuing to learn about privilege. The lesson this month, it isn't always visible to those who have it. Lesson 1: Insurance. I tried to fill a prescription this weekend during which time the Pharm tech checked 3 times about my insurance coverage and felt compelled to tell me "It's really spendy, like $112!" Thanks, I needed EVERYONE in Target to know that I'm paying of pocket. And no, even though my partner has coverage doesn't mean that I automatically do. Lesson 2: Parenthood. Newsflash - it is not "easy" for everyone to achieve, one shouldn't assume they have ANY kind of an idea what other people have tried or considered. Further it is ridiculous for anyone to assume (as I once did) that a) someone who is good with children should want to or need to become a biological parent and b) someone who is having difficulty conceiving can't be ELATED for his/her friends/family who are expecting.

(Stepping down from soap box...)

10) I've decided to read at least 1 book per month claiming: It is something people with master's degrees do. My first attempt: Meg Wheatley's: "Leadership and the New Science," some colleagues and I have formed an e-book group to encourage reading outside of work and continue our relationship from graduate school. So far, I love it.

I'm hopeful to write more often, thanks to my readers for letting me rant.




Gigi said...

OK, how freaky is this? I JUST posted a blog less than an hour ago!!! something about great minds,I guess, huh? Love your post, love yor soapbox, am so proud of you.

ChoirPres said...

Preach on, sister! Umm...are you sure that new blister-inducing shoes and marathon-training are a good combo? I just don't want to be pushing you around in a wheelchair for your bday.