Friday, September 5, 2008

A Working Woman's Prayer

This is my intention for the future. I created it at the request/suggestion of the acupuncturist I see as a way to define my intention and direct my energy within the universe. A lot of "woo-woo"....I know but I like to believe that East can met West and create an amazing hybrid.

Happy reading.

I will go to work each day with excitement about what I am doing, the opportunity to serve, and how I am a contribution to the world. I will channel my energy to help, organize, nurture, plan, orchestrate, coordinate, teach, and build relationships with others in my working community. I will find balance in other aspects of my life –building a relationship with my partner, singing, interacting with friends, dedicating myself to family, and serving my community civically.

I will get up and ready in the morning with my partner. The clean, crisp air and the early morning light will remind me that each day is new. I will dedicate my time with my partner to joy and beginnings. I will share myself completely and witness wholly. When I set out for work I will be aware of but not dictated by the time. I will think about the coming moments of the day but let them wash over me like a primer rather than a stain.

I will arrive at work with a sense of hope. I will greet my co-workers with a pleasant and genuine regard. I will allow myself to settle into my space and acclimate to my surroundings. I will plan my actions with intention and remain flexible to unforeseen issues throughout the day. I will use my skills and experience to learn and to teach. I will use my knowledge to empower others. I will be fulfilled by my work but not defined by it. I will seek to find harmony with those whom I do not see eye-to-eye. I will continuously challenge myself to work outside my comfort zone. I will run, toward my passions and alongside those whom I serve.

I will work independently and diligently. I will always break to help or witness a student or co-worker in need. I will find solace in building community with my colleagues – especially in meetings or other opportunities to break from my routine. I will use my break times to re-center my soul and to cleanse the energy I have used. I will breath in new energy to put toward the betterment of others and myself.

I will be aware of the passage of time – watching the sky grow dark, the weather change, the seasons forge on. As the day comes to a close I will collect myself and examine my successes from throughout the day as well as the tasks that lie ahead for tomorrow. I will organize or clean my space to prepare for my new day and I will consult my calendar to begin framing what the days ahead of me hold in store.

I will leave my office confident in my work and reflective regarding my practice in my profession. I will contemplate my challenges and explore ways to improve my craft when faced with new opportunities to do so. I will use my journey home to connect with my loved ones, meditate in silence, or to prepare myself for the evening ahead. I will feel fulfilled—having expended the energy that I was blessed with and used the talents I possess to do my work well.

When I return to my home I will use it as a haven, a place for solace, a place where I am welcomed, accepted, comfortable, and surrounded by joy. I will utilize opportunities to nourish the other aspects of my identity –eating whole and delicious foods, moving my body in sync with music and my breath, lifting my voice in song. I will allow myself time for entertainment, conversation, and relaxation.

I will journey to rest comfortable in my skin; satiated by the nourishments I have received in various forms throughout the day; content with what and who I am; satisfied with my accomplishments; encouraged by my challenges; grateful for the gifts and graces bestowed upon me. I will be fulfilled with the love for and of my partner and I will reflect that love. I will remain thankful for the opportunity to use my energy to better the world –even in small ways. I will be excited for much needed rest and in zealous anticipation of the new day to come in the morning.

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